Café Budapest

arts festival

In 2011 the Budapest Autumn Festival received a new name: Café Budapest Festival of Contemporary Arts.

In this matter it tries to link the city’s cafés
with cultural programmes and intends
to reach younger adults and foreigners.

We developed a new logo and communication
identity for Café Budapest with the main
motive of a coffeehouse: the sugar cube.
It’s as simple as that.

A white cube. Entirety. Freedom. Hollow,
yet full of possibilities.

These cubes served as building bricks to
raise our communication platform. For this
we created a series of prints where each piece
referred to an art form. Among others was
the QR-code print available for smartphones
which offered a mobile programme guide
updated every single day.

Unexpected, but joyful news: our „Dancer”
print has been included in the poster collection
of the Hungarian National Gallery because
of „its imaginative design and value
of contemporary art”.