Unilever Baba


A dropful of love

The challange
To communicate core brand values and various product benefits in a way that’s fresh, yet unmistakeably Baba.

The solution
Keeping it simple. All messages are conveyed using the charactheristic visual code of Baba: white dots on blue.

baba loves + papa

We have been assigned by Unilever to make the Baba positioning more contemporary and based on that to develop a long term new brand communication idea.

Our thinking departed from an increasingly Complex World with growing human need for stability and arrived on the Land of Simple Happiness. That’s where the new “Baba loves” campaign was born. What a nice journey! Thank you Unilever Baba team.

We loved the absurdity of the fact that Baba is launching products for men. In the laboratory we were searching for proofs that it had been inherently seeded in the brand since the beginning, And finally we did discover it.

baba loves calculators